Aquatic Features, Inc

Pond Maintenance



Aquatic Features, Inc. was created as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit merging with the study of the natural sciences. Since 1999, Aquatic Features, Inc. has focused on creating both aquatic and terrestrial environments with an eye toward beauty as well as the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment.


Whether you have a stock tank, a community lake, retention or detention pond, let us assess the needs of your water resource. Aquatic Features, Inc. specializes in Lake Maintenance services for HOA’s and MUD districts across Central Texas, including aquatic plant management and water quality treatment. We also specialize in installing and monitoring lake-bed aeration systems and fountains, and are the local distributor for Aquamaster and Aqua Control. You can rest assured, all of our services run in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.  Your water body should be an amenity. Let us create a strategy to build or preserve your aquatic feature today.

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